Dealing with rejection 

Dealing with rejection 

A while ago at work, I opened up an email from a recruitment firm that I had applied to for a summer internship. I was so excited, yet nervous at the same time as I clicked the email to read it. I really wanted this internship and it really would have opened up a great window of opportunities for me once I graduated university. However, I was rejected. Instead of letting this affect me and bring me down for the rest of the day, I didn’t allow it to get to me. See, I’m a firm believer that whatever will be, will be. If something is meant to happen, and if something is truly meant for you, it shall happen. I could have gone down the more negative route when dealing with this rejection, but instead I thought it would be a to give my advice on how to deal with rejection. So here you go:

1. Don’t dwell

It’s very easy when faced with rejection, to let it consume you and to think about it over and over again. I find it best to try to forget about it and to continue with my day as planned as dwelling on it for too long can make what could have been a great day, into a pretty drab one.

2. Think positively

While you may not be able to see it instantly, being rejected by an employer, university or anything/anyone else can quite often pave the way for other opportunities that you can take; an opportunity that could be even better than the one you had your eyes set on!

3. Move forward

Lastly, don’t let rejection hold you back. Think about all the positive things that can come from it (trust me there always is) and allow them to help you to move on and to continue your life in a positive manner.


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  1. Kiduo Mgunga Mwamnyenyelwa
    June 9, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    Moving forward is the best choice ever!