Yesterday an interview I did with BuzzFeed about living with an invisible disability was published online. In the article, I discuss my experiences of living with a hidden disability and the difficulties and challenges I face on a daily basis due to my disability. The interviewer, Victoria Sanusi, and I… View Post

During the May bank holiday weekend, I spent a few days in Paris with my friend for a much needed getaway from work and all our responsibilities. Albeit a short trip, a few days spent being carefree, passing the time eating and relaxing with friends, as well as having a… View Post

Last weekend, I attended my first bloggers event with the Black British Bloggers network. Black British Bloggers is an online space and community that allows for black bloggers based in the UK to connect and to collaborate with businesses. What started off as a Facebook group has now become a… View Post

I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood of recent…I’m not sure what’s spurred it on really but one thing I’ve found myself thinking about a lot recently is my time back at University. It may be because I’ve been witnessing students prepare for their upcoming exams at my… View Post

Self Care 101: Balancing Life as a Recent Graduate It’s been awhile since my last post and tough to get into a regular habit of posting, So I couldn’t think of a better topic to write about since I’ve been struggling to find the time to sit down and take… View Post

Every December I’m faced with various questions by retail assistants, colleagues and anyone else I come into contact with in public, which are all along the lines of: “So what are you doing for Christmas?” “Are all the family coming over for Christmas?” “Have you done all your Christmas shopping… View Post

It’s been almost a couple of months since I graduated from University having completed my degree in French & German! I have letters after my name now!!! The day was pretty much perfect with the weather reaching 33 degrees, which is astonishing for UK weather. When I look back on… View Post

When I tell people that I study French & German at university, I usually get one of three reactions: ‘Oh, so do you want to become a teacher/translator/interpreter?’ (The most common…and for those wondering, NO!!) ‘Oh….ok.’ Followed by a look of confusion across their face. (This reaction is usually reserved for my… View Post

As Ramadan approaches its final days, I can’t help but feel slightly emotional as this holy month comes to an end. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, where Muslims abstain from food and drink (yes, including water and chewing gum – I get asked this all the… View Post

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to start blogging again after what was probably a year’s hiatus. Now that I’m done pursuing my degree, and have a lot more time on my hands, I wanted to get back into my first passion, which is writing. It’s something I don’t tend… View Post

As I scroll down my Twitter feed and Facebook timeline, I’m seeing numerous posts about results day tomorrow and I can’t help but go back three years ago to my own results day. I remember the anxiety that built up within the days and weeks leading up to results day.… View Post