Yesterday an interview I did with BuzzFeed about living with an invisible disability was published online. In the article, I discuss my experiences of living with a hidden disability and the difficulties and challenges I face on a daily basis due to my disability. The interviewer, Victoria Sanusi, and I… View Post

Chic. Classy. Avant-garde. Elegant. All words which I had heard and had used myself to describe Parisian fashion before I arrived in the city of love. I expected to walk down the Champs-Élysées, witnessing an array of designer handbags hanging from the arms of Parisian women. I imagined myself strolling… View Post

When you hear the word photo-shoot, I’m sure you think all things glamorous. Well after experiencing my very first one a couple of weeks ago, I can assure you they are a far cry from it. I knew getting into my job as a production assistant during my year abroad… View Post